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Bryan Stam's
27.03.1995  - 29.04.2004
  Angekört in Sweden, Swedish Ch, Norwegian Ch, Swedish Working Ch, Swedish Sled-dog Ch (Schlitten-Hund), Swedish Obedience Ch, Sph III, Drh III, HD-free, PHTVL/PHPV-free

The Most Successful Allround Dobermann, Best Obedience Dobermann and the Best Average Score at working trials in Sweden in 1998 and 1999!

Erik & BryanStam's Rigel-Rebel
Erik & Rigel (2 1/2years old)
Dobermann BryanStam's Rigel-Rebel
Rigel-Rebell has written breed history in Scandinavia. He is now Swedish and Norwegian Champion in conformation, Swedish Working Champion, Swedish Sled-dog champion and Swedish Obedience Champion. Also "Angekört" in Sweden and BOB winner at the biggest National Specialty show 2000 in Sweden for Dobermann-judge Herman Mencke, Holland!
He is champion in 4 different disciplines which is very, very rare. Only two Dobermann in the history in Sweden has achieved that before and that was a long time ago.
This is rare also on the continent - mostly they are champion in conformation and working but nothing more. He also became the most winning allround Dobermann for the second year (98 and 99).
Congratulation to his owner Erik Sjöberg in Uppsala!
And to the breeder Lilith Edström kennel BryanStam´s! 
BryanStam's Rigel-Rebel
Rigel (June 2000)
BryanStam's Rigel-Rebel
BryanStam's Rigel-Rebel
Xiko v h Wantij
Angekört 1A
Hargos v h Wantij
Angekört 1B-ZVA
Int, German, Belg & Fr Ch
World Champion
Hertog Alpha v le Dobry
Angekört 1A-ZVA
Int, German, VDH & Dutch Ch
Esmir v Hermansjomaik
Int, German, VDH, Dutch & Lux Ch
World Champion
Lara v h Wantij
Int & VDH Ch
Arrow v Harrosbergh
Int, German, VDH & Dutch Ch
Esmir v Hermansjomaik
Int, German, VDH, Dutch & Lux Ch
World Champion
BryanStam's Pilar-Pershinette
Korad +223 p
CAC at national specialty
Thadaeusz Tov v Diaspora Björn v Stokebrand
Int, German, Dutch & SA Ch
Fabiana Fusciana v Diaspora
Int, German, VDH & Fr Ch
BryanStam's Medina-Mercedes
Korad +129 p
Norwegian Ch, Norwegian Winner 86/89/90
IDC-Sgrn 86(youth)/87/92(progenitor)
Vasco des Landrys
S & SF Ch S Working Ch
IDC-Sgr Scandinavia '86
Winnerhof Olivia-Optimist

E-Mail of owner: Erik Sjöberg
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